Press Release – Stibo Complete acquires GigantPrint (Sweden)

Stibo Complete acquires GigantPrint
– a strategically important move

GigantPrint in Norrköping in Sweden has been acquired by Stibo Complete, the largest graphic company in Scandinavia. GigantPrint is the market leader in Sweden in development and production of promotion material for shops and events – known as Point-of-Sales solutions – for customers across Scandinavia.

“We are acquiring GigantPrint because it is an exciting company with great potential for development. The acquisition marks an important strategic step in expanding our business area. From being primarily a major industrial player, we are expanding our graphic business to form a graphic supermarket, which will enable us to meet our customers’ need for one-stop shopping,” explains Søren Henriksen, CEO of Stibo Complete.

He continues: “GigantPrint has a turnover of 140 million Swedish kroner and 75 employees who possess great knowledge about this business area. They are all passionately dedicated to building up powerful and effective solutions for customers. So, quite naturally, the management and all the employees will continue without changes under our ownership. With this acquisition we have a significantly stronger position in Sweden, where two years ago we acquired Sörmlands Grafiska. GigantPrint fits perfectly into our growth plans.”

Strong synergy with a strong owner

Esa Mäntynen from GigantPrint comments: “We could not have wished for a stronger owner than the Stibo group, which has been in the printing business for 200 years, and has spearheaded consolidation in the industry. We are very well matched, because our business areas and customers supplement each other perfectly. Under the ownership of Stibo Complete, our plans for expansion in Scandinavia will be accelerated. There is a large, growing market for Point-of-Sales solutions, and we will concentrate our efforts on maintaining our leading position through regular investments in competitive setups and acquisitions when interesting opportunities come up.”

 Consolidating the market

“We have been in the printing business for more than 200 years, and we intend to be there for the next 200 years too. That is why we play an active part in consolidating the graphics business, which is under pressure from too much capacity and tough price competition. Customers are looking for solutions, not just printed papers, and that is where GigantPrint fits in perfectly,” says Søren Henriksen.

He continues: “The acquisition of GigantPrint strengthens us for the future and reinforces our business foundations, so that we still have the muscle-power to play an important part in consolidating an industry that is undergoing rapid changes.”

Further information can be obtained from:

Søren Henriksen, CEO, Stibo Complete, tel. +45 7626 3767


The Stibo Group and its subsidiaries

 The Stibo group operates through wholly-owned subsidiaries: Stibo Complete A/S, Stibo Systems A/S and CCI Europe A/S and its associated subsidiaries.

Founded in 1794 under the name of Aarhus Stiftsbogtrykkerie, Stibo is one of the oldest companies in Denmark. Originally, it was exclusively a printing business. In 1966 the company was converted into a commercially operating foundation, because the family owners at the time wished to secure the company’s future development and growth.

The group operates today in the fields of software development and graphic production.

In Scandinavia, the group is the market leader in graphic production, and plays an active part in consolidating the industry. In recent years the group has acquired Sörmlands Grafiska AB (now Sörmlands Printing Solutions AB), Color Print A/S, Scanprint A/S, Greentech Rotaprint A/S and Skånsk Repro AB. Most recently, Stibo Complete has acquired GigantPrint in Sweden.

In software development the group operates globally with companies in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia, and it is one of the largest privately owned software firms in Denmark.



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