Stibo Complete buys Rosendahls Print-Design-Media

Press Release, January 23, 2020

Rosendahls Print-Design-Media A/S has been acquired by Stibo Complete. The Rosendahls Group is a graphic and digital communications company. With roots dating back to 1902, Rosendahls provides a complete range of services within the areas of communication, publishing, warehousing and distribution. Rosendahls covers print platforms, the web, and other digital media.

“We have had our eyes on Rosendahls for a long time. It is a fantastic company with a strong brand that we wish to maintain and develop further. Also, Rosendahls has a unique market position and very passionate employees and is at the same time a company with a reasonable development potential. With the acquisition of Rosendahls, we are continuing our strategy of consolidating the printing market in Scandinavia and thereby creating the necessary critical volume within existing and new business areas to smooth the path for future investments. We are continuously expanding our product range to underpin our goal of being not only a major industrial player but also of becoming a graphic full-service provider. Hereby we meet the customers’ need for one-stop shopping,” explains Søren Henriksen, CEO at Stibo Complete.

He continues: “Rosendahls employs approx.150 members of staff and has a turnover of approx. DKK 200 million. Rosendahls possesses comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of graphic production, including in particular competencies within the public sector, the pharmaceutical industry, and major trading and manufacturing companies. The acquisition of Rosendahls strengthens our market position in Scandinavia even further; only a year ago, we bought Swedish-based GigantPrint, who is the market leader in development and production of graphic sales promotion material for shops and events – the so-called point-of-sales solutions.”

Strong synergy and strong owner

Palle Rosendahl, who is the fourth generation of the family-owned company, says: “We couldn’t have wished for a stronger future owner than the Stibo Group, who has been in the printing business for over 200 years and long been at the forefront of consolidating the industry in Scandinavia. The two companies are mutually a very good match – our areas of business, plans for the future, and competent employees complement each other extremely well. With Stibo Complete at the helm, our customers and employees at Rosendahls will be in the strongest possible position.”

Consolidating the market

“Stibo Complete takes an active approach in consolidating the graphic industry, which is characterized by overcapacity and fierce price competition. The customers want to buy solutions instead of just printed matters; together we can make a big difference to many of our Scandinavian customers,” says Søren Henriksen.

He continues: “With the acquisition of Rosendahls, we are strengthening our position for the future and supporting our business foundation and thus ensuring our continued ability to play an important role in the ongoing consolidation of the industry,” says Søren Henriksen.


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Søren Henriksen, CEO at Stibo Complete

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Photo: Søren Henriksen, CEO at Stibo Complete


About the Stibo Group and its subsidiaries

The Stibo Group operates through wholly-owned subsidiaries: Stibo Complete A/S, Stibo Systems A/S, CCI Europe A/S and their associated subsidiaries.

Stibo is one of the oldest companies in Denmark. The company was founded in 1794 under the name of Aarhuus Stiftsbogtrykkerie and was back then purely a printing company. In 1966, Stibo was converted into a commercial foundation, as the former owner wanted to secure the company’s future developments and growth through independent ownership.

Today, the group operates in the areas of software development and graphic production.

In Scandinavia, the group is a market leader in graphic production and an active force in the consolidation of the industry. In recent years, Stibo has acquired Sörmlands Grafiska AB (now Sörmlands Printing Solutions AB), Color Print A/S, Scanprint A/S, Greentech Rotaprint A/S, Skånsk Repro AB, GigantPrint AB, and most recently Rosendahls Print-Design-Media A/S in Denmark.

In the field of software development, the group works globally with companies in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, and is one of Denmark’s largest privately owned software companies.

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