Change in Stibo Group’s senior management

Hans Damgaard, who has been CEO for the Stibo group for 14 years, has decided to step down as CEO and to start a board career. He will join Stibo’s board of directors as chairman of the strategy committee, while Carsten Christensen, who has been his closest colleague and co-manager for many years, will take over as CEO.

 The 14th of January 2019 is changeover day in the Stibo group. Hans Damgaard, who has been with Stibo since 1994 and has been CEO for 14 years, wants to dedicate himself fully to a board career. Hans will take up a position on Stibo A/S’s board of directors – he will be chairman of the strategy committee where the board can benefit from his thorough knowledge of Stibo.

CFO takes over

Hans Damgaard’s successor will be the group’s current CFO, Carsten Christensen, who has worked closely with Hans Damgaard for the past 9 years.

”We owe Hans Damgaard a huge thank you for spearheading the growing internationalisation of our business, for creating robust results, and for transforming both us and our customers to a digital agenda. I regret that Hans Damgaard wants a career change, but I am also very happy that he has accepted a position on the board of directors to focus on our strategic development,” says Peter L. Ravn, chairman of Stibo group’s board of directors.

And continues: I am also very pleased that Carsten Christensen has agreed to take over the job as Group CEO in Stibo. It is a completely natural and straight-forward rotation as Carsten Christensen and Hans Damgaard have had a close working relationship for the past 9 years. Carsten knows the group and all its business areas inside out. He has a sharp eye for results and the further development of the business, he continues.”


Looking forward to continued growth

Carsten Christensen says about his new job: ”Stibo will be 225 years in 2019 and is financially and commercially stronger than ever before in its history. Stibo’s age is a very good indication that the group has been able to renew itself in order to meet its customers’ expectations and needs for new services. I am very much looking forward to leading our strong management team and to continuing the robust and positive trend,” says Carsten Christensen.

Carsten Christensen is 51 and has a Masters Degree in Economics & Business Administration. He has many years of experience from the accounting profession and has vast experience in acquisitions and international business. Carsten Christensen is married to a private practitioner psychologist and has two teenage daughters.


Timing is right

Hans Damgaard says about his move: ”I am very proud to have had the honour and privilege to head the Stibo group. I am particularly pleased that the board of directors has asked me to continue the work – in a new role for me – developing the Stibo of the future through my position on the board of directors. The timing for a change is also perfect. The business is growing and there is a fitting successor. Carsten Christensen will make a great group CEO.”


Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Peter L. Ravn, chairman of Stibo Group’s board of directors, 40 76 18 41, mail:

Carsten Christensen, new CEO for Stibo Group from 14 January 2019, 20 33 16 35, mail:

Hans Damgaard, CEO for Stibo Group until 14 January 2019, 40 33 89 39 mail:


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