Stibo’s Printing Division is assembling its business activities under one name

22 February 2018 – Press Release

Stibo Printing Solutions is changing its name to Stibo Complete in order to adopt a name that matches its position as Scandinavia’s leading player within the design, development, production and distribution of physical marketing materials.

Stibo’s Printing Solutions, which owns, among other things, Color Print, Stibo Graphic, Scanprint, Stibo Media and Sörmland’s Printing Solutions is assembling all its activities under one identity across business units and country borders.

The name change is rooted in a desire to signal 360-degree communication solutions, as CEO, Søren Henriksen elaborates:

“Our customers require total solutions that make a difference – or one-stop shopping as they call it. We offer the entire package and this is what our new identity should be built around. For this reason, we have chosen Stibo Compete as our new, collective name.”

 For the time being, the underlying company names will be maintained for legal purposes, while Stibo Complete will be used in all external communication. Together with the new name, a completely new visual identity and communication platform will be launched that will ensure that as a brand, Stibo Complete will attain a strong position in the whole of Scandinavia.

Facts about Stibo Complete

Stibo Complete has 450 employees in four countries. Stibo Complete is a part of the Stibo Group that was founded in 1794 as Aarhus Stiftsbogtrykkerie. Through the years, Stibo has developed from being a traditional printing company into becoming a modern company that excels in graphic processes, production and software. Today, the Stibo Group comprises Stibo Systems, CCI Europe and Stibo Complete.

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