• Die weltweiten Unternehmen des Stibo Konzerns sind leitend innerhalb von Information Management und Druck

Stibo Unternehmen



  • The Stibo-Foundation supports IT-talents

    Press Release – August 26, 2016 Two PhD students studying IT have just received travel awards from the Stibo-Foundation to visit two of the world’s best universities, in Paris and Texas. PhD students Thomas Dybdahl Ahle and Andreas Trier Poulsen…Weiterlesen …Read More »
  • Stibo Systems surging ahead worldwide

    Press Release, August 18, 2016 The Stibo group has announced a record result for the year – again. The expansion is to a large extent due to the fact that Stibo Systems is surging ahead on a world scale on…Weiterlesen …Read More »

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